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MYTH: I have to wait until I replace my roof before I go solar.

FACT: This does not mean you need to wait to get solar now! In fact, many people are not aware that you can do this at the same time you install your solar panels and that part of the roof replacement could be covered with the Federal Tax incentive.*  

While replacing your roof is not required, for the majority of older roofs, it does make sense to do it before installing your solar system.

Reputable companies will always assess and advise homeowners of whether or not a new roof would be needed before a solar installation. It is our practice and mandatory procedure for our company to do a site survey to ensure the home qualifies for solar and to determine if the roof is adequate, or if it needs to be replaced before the installation of the panels. 

*We encourage our customers to seek the advice of a tax professional to assess eligibility requirements specific to their tax filing situation.  

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